Services and Fees

Pittsburghs Premiere Traveling Mobile Notary

A Pennsylvania Notary is not permitted to charge more than the published rates on the PA Department of State website for a notarial stamp. If you encounter a PA Notary Public charging more than the below rates, please contact the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries (PAN) at 1-800-944-8790 

Many Notaries do however assess administrative fees to cover their travel or their overhead such as rent, copies, and record keeping. These fees are appropriate as long as they are indicated as separate from the State fee, and they may vary from notary to notary. 

PA State Notary Fees

Notarial ActPrice
Affidavits (no matter how many signatures)$5.00
Acknowledgements (one name)$5.00
Acknowledgements (every subsequent name)$2.00
Certificates (per certified copy)$5.00
Oath Administration (per individual taking oath)$5.00
Taking Depositions (per page)$3.00
Making Protests (per page)$3.00

Administrative & Travel Charges

Fee DescriptionMon – Fri RateSat & Sun Rate
Administrative Fee$20.00$25.00
Federal I-9 (or other) Form Completion$15.00$15.00
Non-Notary Witness (per witness)$25.00$40.00
Holiday Surcharge∆$10.00$10.00
Mobile Notary Travel: 9AM – 5PM†$75.00$100.00
Mobile Notary Travel: 5PM – 8PM†$100.00$125.00
Mobile Notary Travel: 8PM – 9AM†$125.00$150.00
Third Party Notary Fees (if you need our notary’s signature notarized)$20.00$20.00

Office appointments taking place outside of regular business hours (M – F 9AM – 5PM) are billed as mobile notary appointments.

∆ Compounding charge applicable on all Clerical and Travel Services
† Greater than 15 miles roundtrip from ZIP 15221, add $25.00. Counties Adjoining Allegheny, add $50.00. Other counties, add $100.00.

e-Notary & Remote Online Notary (RON) Charges

These charges subsidize the online vendor charges assessed to the Notary. They are additional to any applicable State Notary Fees, Administrative & Travel Charges, or Office Services.

Fee DescriptionMon – Fri RateSat & Sun Rate
Knowledge-Based Identification (KBA) (per individual, per attempt)$5.00$5.00
E-Signatures (No Notarial seal)
(per signature)
E-Notarization (Session Fee)$30.00$30.00
Remote Online Notarizations (Session Fee) $35.00$35.00
After Hours RON Appointment: 9AM – 5PM$0.00$20.00
After Hours RON Appointment: 5PM – 8PM$20.00$25.00
After Hours RON Appointment: 8PM – 9AM$25.00$30.00

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services are flat rate services. It is at the Notary’s sole discretion to assess a full or partial service charge for performing these services. These services are inclusive of any applicable State Notary Fees, Administrative & Travel Charges, and RON fees. Office Services, Holiday Fees, KBA fees, and Non-Notary Witness charges still apply.

Fee DescriptionMon – Fri RateSat & Sun Rate
Real Estate Closing- Office Appointment$175.00$200.00
Real Estate Closing- Mobile Notary within Allegheny County†$200.00$225.00
Real Estate Closing- Remote Online Notary (excludes KBA fees)$200.00$225.00
Quitclaim/Warranty/Other Deeds – Office Appointment$100.00$125.00
Quitclaim/Warranty/Other Deeds – Mobile Notary within Allegheny County†$125.00$150.00
Quitclaim/Warranty/Other Deeds – Remote Online Notary (excludes KBA fees)$150.00$175.00
Document Couriering†$25.00$45.00

† Greater than 15 miles roundtrip from ZIP 15221, add $25.00. Counties Adjoining Allegheny, add $50.00. Other counties, add $100.00.

Office Services

Not available during mobile notary appointments unless requested ahead of time (unfortunately, we do not have a mobile scanner/printer at this time).

First Class Envelope$1.00/ea
Booklet Envelope$2.00/ea
Manila Envelope$3.00/ea
First Class Stamp$0.75/ea
Faxes or Scans$0.75/ea
B/W Photocopies$0.75/ea
Color Photocopies$0.75/ea
Handling Charge- USPS First Class Envelope Mailing $1.00/ea
Handling Charge- USPS Manilla Envelope Mailing $5.00/ea